About Us


Anka Pool, Sauna, Spa & Wellness Company was founded in 2009 by Serpil Kesen and since then, it has been continuing to be a well-known, trusted and preferred company in the sector with its high standards of quality service approach and the application of constantly renewed technology and trends.

With the experience and creative approach of its expert technical team, Anka Pool has successfully completed more than 100 projects both in Turkey domestically and in Italy, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Libya and Somalia. In addition to mega projects such as the Democracy and Freedom Island (Yassıada) project, our company provides both contracting / application services and technical consultancy and design services to individual customers and corporate construction companies in numerous small-scale projects.

Anka Pool company manager Mrs. Serpil Kesen has more than 25 years of experience in the sector and provides consultancy to the leading companies of the construction sector who are operating at international level. As a technical manager, she takes part in all the application steps from the planning of the projects to the implementation and post-application follow-up processes and ensures that the process is completed meticulously.

You can access here some of the current references and work completion documents of Anka Pool which has a strong reference list with the commitments it has designed and implemented.

With our experienced and friendly team in pool work, it is our major aim to make the most suitable projects and designs for your land and structures, considering health, aesthetics, ergonomics and functionality of the pool, and applying innovative and long-term performance criteria without sacrificing quality.

Hoping to work with you…

Anka Pool Sauna Spa